Strategy work by the Fluence Agency

Digital Strategy

The Fluence Agency has been developing digital strategy for a number of clients since 2011. Most clients know exactly where they want to end up, but need either a roadmap or a guide to get them there. That’s our job.

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Content Services

From summaries on Linkedin and the posts on corporate blogs to the About Us pages on business websites. Everybody needs content that is optimised and findable. Our team of writers will not let you down.

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Mobile apps for smartphones

Mobile Applications

There are 10 times more mobile devices connected to the internet than desktop and laptop computers combined. Companies globally will spend close to $60 billion dollars on mobile advertising in 2015. This should give any and all business people a very clear picture of where to set up shop next.

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Search Engine Marketing

Almost everbody goes to when they look for information on anything. No exaggeration. So where would you rather to be found by people that are already looking for your type of business or a business in your industry. Being visible in Google should be high priority for all businesses and brands.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Facebook is no longer a platform for fun. People are selling millions of products and services using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + etc. We sold R3 million rands worth of tickets and R1 million worth of aluminium signage using social media. Would you say we have what it takes to help you sell your product or service?

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e-Commerce & Social Business

Being online is not enough anymore. What’s the point of having a website but your customers must still come to your shop to buy? Why not just sell to them right there on your website? On your Facebook page? Or on your mobile app even? Get it? We can turns your bricks and mortar into clicks and mortar.

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Fluence is an award-winning marketing agency..

..with a sharp digital edge. We are based in Durban, South Africa from where the team at Fluence help their clients grow their online traffic, their leads and their base of customers.
The agency was founded in 2011 as the only full service (doing SEO, social media, web development etc.) digital marketing agency in the city.
As an agency Fluence – though slightly more evolved – still has its finger firmly on the pulse of all things digital and how it can enable better business.

Today we offer clients complete integrated marketing solutions that cut across multiple platforms, and channels.