the fluence agency blogSo you obviously know what a blog is – right? It’s the most frequently updated section of any business  website worth its salt.

Blog is both a verb and a noun.

From time to time his right here is where we will educate clients and visitors to our website free of charge. We will teach you little bits and pieces on SEO, blogging, website optimization, copywriting, design, content marketing.. and a few other things as well. All you will need is a willingness to learn. Ready? Let’s go.

Who knows what you can do with all the free education you’ll receive on this blog.

Maybe start a blog of your own.



Why having a blog is important

Today, everything is done online. That is why your company needs a blog Most companies and customers are engaging online. WHY EVERY COMPANY SHOULD HAVE A BLOG… So you have heard the term “BLOG” and probably wondering what a “BLOG” all about is. A blog is frequently... read more

The benefits of having a mobile app

Mobile apps are becoming more and more important. Ten times more people are using mobile apps on their cellphones than laptops and computers. Below are some of the benefits of having a mobile app.  Customers don’t have to play the waiting game Mobile apps provide a... read more

How to do website SEO well

We started offering website SEO as a service in 2014, which was our third year as an agency active in digital marketing. Prior to that we did a number of things for our clients. We developed websites, we devised digital strategies, we created and managed Facebook fan... read more

Durban SEO is finally here.

Durban SEO has been somewhat of a misnomer over the years. SEO has never really grabbed hold of any agency in Durban and demanded to be practised exclusively as a facet of digital marketing. It is for that reason we have never really written about or spoken about... read more

Digital marketing trends for 2015

Digital marketing trends for 2015. Oh no not again!! You must be sick and tired of seeing this in your RSS reader and on every platform that curates digital marketing information. Not to mention blogs. It’s all over the show. Digital trends. Marketing trends.... read more

Amazon headed for a fall

Where exactly is Amazon going? We ask this question with respect. Who has pondered what has been happening at Amazon over the last few years without wondering whether Jeff Bezos is not – by any chance – on a path to self-destruction? We here at Fluence... read more

WordPress SEO for bloggers

So you have a blog and you’re not sure how WordPress SEO works. We do. And we’ll be happy to share the basics with you. But only the basics. Because just like our SEO consultants read, update, educate and refresh their own knowledge on a daily basis.. you... read more

Complete image SEO done in 4 easy steps

There are not many SEO agencies in Durban. I mean 100% pure SEO agencies, as in that’s all they do. Durban has web designers, WordPress developers, social media agencies and broadly skilled digital marketing agencies like Fluence. Which is perhaps the reason why... read more