Digital marketing trends for 2015.

Oh no not again!!

You must be sick and tired of seeing this in your RSS reader and on every platform that curates digital marketing information. Not to mention blogs. It’s all over the show. Digital trends. Marketing trends. Digital Marketing Strategy. Trends. The whole damn enchilada.

digital marketing trends for 2015 - the fluence agency

This is not a another digital marketing course disguised as a blog post. Or one of THOSE digital marketing articles. Promise. We also don’t want to bore you with another long list of digital marketing trends or how to use a set of digital marketing tools, so we’ve set our heart on just two. That’s two. The number that comes after one. It is our belief at Fluence that as an agency we won’t have to invent anything new or adopt anything that someone in America has conceptualised. In 2015 all we will need to do as part of our digital marketing offering is to refocus. And only on two facets of digital marketing.

In 2014 we have seen the evolution of social media as one of the primary digital marketing trends.

We have seen SaaS, Bitcoin, mobile apps, big data and the internet of things receive some attention in 2014. However few of these made it out of the starting blocks as a phenomenon. Bitcoin is still popular in the USA and a few other countries only. SaaS went around the world. We use platforms like Hootsuite and Freshbooks in-house. We have most digital marketing tools on lockdown as well. (Psst.. in 2015 we will start using Hubspot for the agency and for the clients of our digital marketing agency.) The internet of things never took off and we are still not talking about big data outside of the enterprise space. So you see very few of the major trends for 2014 really made waves.

That’s why we will focus on just 2 digital marketing trends. And they’re not even brand new. These are video and email. Yes plain old video and simple email.

There has never been a better time for video. Imagine going to a wedding in 2015 and you are the photographer. Where you once had a clean shot of the bride and groom these days your photos will almost always have someone’s hand in it holding a mobile phone taking a picture of the bridal couple. So cropping is now also part of what photographers have to do. As mobile phones – smartphones in particular – are becoming more ubiquitous we find that more and more people are recording video and posting it to social media platforms. There are already more amateur video on Youtube and Vimeo alone than professionally shot and edited video anywhere on the internet. Despite this huge amount of video footage online, video is still one of the best ways to market products and services digitally. Don’t believe this? Then test it for yourself. Try and read one or two blogposts. Try reading posts by Neil Patel and then try and watch one or two video clips by Rand Fishkin. Don’t bother to share the results with me. I already know which one you’ll enjoy more and want to consume more of. We also know which one you can do whilst multi-tasking.

Marketing using video is without a doubt one of the most prolific digital marketing trends for 2015. This can only enhance the role of digital marketing in building a brand.

In 2009 Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook said that Facebook will replace email. Isn’t she the fool today? This woman needs to be taught the digital marketing definition and role of email in the bigger scheme sof things. Email is undoubtedly the oldest digital marketing tool. It is also the most effective to date. Need we say more? OK let’s say more. Email is obviously not new, but it delivers results when your objective is converting a lead to a client or a client to return business. Email that is graphic-rich and has clickable links and an in-your-face call to action get better results than email messages that simply aims to inform with no call to action.

For 2015 a whole lot of bulk email SaaS vendors have upped their game threefold. A lot of new players have also come into the market. But the most beautifullest thing of all is that every single social media platform – old or new – requires that you have an email address when you register to use it. So the amount of email addresses on earth are just becoming more and more. Which means more and more people open themselves up to receiving information via email every day. The unique opportunity this presents to marketers is that you may never have to run out of people to reach if your product or service has mass global appeal. Just ensure you work with an agency like ours to ensure your email marketing is backed by a sound strategy and you don’t blindly spam people. Email marketing is going nowhere.

No other digital marketing trends present the enormous opportunities that video and email do. Not in in 2015 not in the years gone by.

These two digital marketing trends will determine your success this year. Word is bond.