We started offering website SEO as a service in 2014, which was our third year as an agency active in digital marketing.

Prior to that we did a number of things for our clients. We developed websites, we devised digital strategies, we created and managed Facebook fan pages and even designed corporate identities for startup companies. However SEO is becoming more and more important as a weapon in the marketing arsenal.

How to do website SEO well

We have started to put a lot more focus on website SEO.

So without taking this introduction too far, let’s get into the meat of the matter. How does one do website SEO really well?

Like this

Have a great title. This means that you keep the title under 55 characters and have your keyword present in the title. Google is said to display the first 50 or so characters of a page title.

Create SEO-friendly URLs. Keep your URL to no more than 5 words but not less than 3 either. According to Matt Cutts the first 3 to 5 words are the most important in a URL. For example the title of this post has 6 words, but look at the address bar in the browser and you’ll see only four. (do website seo well).

Responsiveness. This was not always an SEO ranking factor, however these days Google gives very strong consideration to websites that are responsive, i.e websites that adapt their display to the device being used to view it on.

Use images and videos. Images and videos ensures users spend more time on your website. It also decreases your bounce rate

Use outbound links. A link from your website to an authoratative site in your field will go miles in telling Google what your website is about.

Keyword positioning. Endure that you place the keyword somewhere withing the first 100 words of the page content. Makes your website SEO so much stronger.

Related keywords. Ever done a Google search? So you’ve seen that Google gives you related keywords right at the bottom of page one in the search results. Do a search for your keyword and use those related keywords in your website SEO as well.

Image Optimization. You have to optimize the images you use by making sure your keyword is in the filename, the ALT tag and the image description. Also try and improve your website’s loading speed by making sure your images have the smallest possible file size.

Enable sharing. Add social sharing functionality when you implement your SEO. When users are presented with an opportunity to share your website’s GREAT content on social media platforms, they are more than likely to make use of that opportunity.

Word count. Google have taken to ranking web pages with a high word count high in search engine results. So more can be better when it comes to text copy.

good website SEO

There you have it. These few pointers can make a world of difference between whether people looking for you can find you online or not. Just making sure you tick all the above boxes can guarantee that your website will get found.

Website SEO does not have to be rocket science if you follow directions as it is given.

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