Durban SEO has been somewhat of a misnomer over the years.

SEO has never really grabbed hold of any agency in Durban and demanded to be practised exclusively as a facet of digital marketing. It is for that reason we have never really written about or spoken about Durban SEO. Until the chairman of IDEA -Mark Smith – kinda asked the question one day. He actually asked which agency ranked highest for the key phrase “digital agencies durban”. We were happy to plead guilty at the time.

durban seo is finally here

But then we discovered that not a single Durban-based agency ranks well for the keyphrase “Durban SEO”.

This was kinda sad, especially since Fluence has been doing SEO for a number of clients already at the time. One of the best examples in a niche industry is the term “window tinting durban”. The company that owns that search term is Protector Film, a window tinting company on West Street in the Durban CBD. We had this client on board for the entire year of 2012. We haven’t worked with the client again since February 2013, but their SEO is still on point. They still rock. Their visibility and Google juice is still at an all time high. And whilst thinking about this.. the whole Durban SEO thing hit me again. I asked the question: “Why can’t Fluence own this search term?” I could not come up with an answer. Not even an excuse.

So we decided we would own Durban SEO on Google. If not today, then some day. Soon.

To date there is one agency that kinda gets it right. They rank well for the search term but then they also have a PPC campaign going for the same term. Whilst PPC is a great thing for any brand, we believe an agency needs to be able to do for itself what it claims it can do for clients.  We have therefore decided that several months from now this agency – Fluence – will be the Durban agency that ranks for both “SEO Durban” and “Durban SEO”. Not because we want to, but because we do the work.

We are currently structuring SEO packages and will roll them out for companies in Durban soon. Obviously not limited to Durban because SEO can be done from Durban but for clients anywhere in the world. So our SEO will be for the global market, but punted as Durban SEO because it will be done from Durban.

So Durban, brace yourself as Fluence grabs hold of the SEO torch in an attempt to become a torchbearer for the city of Durban in the SEO space.

We will put Durban SEO on the map and we will become known for our successes with SEO.