There are not many SEO agencies in Durban. I mean 100% pure SEO agencies, as in that’s all they do.

Durban has web designers, WordPress developers, social media agencies and broadly skilled digital marketing agencies like Fluence. Which is perhaps the reason why some of them make use of Adwords to get themselves seen on Google. They may not know how to use the very thing they sell to make their own brand more visible in the ether. Or they may not have the skills in-house and may just be a middle man that outsources their SEO, social media and web design to freelancers working from bedrooms and basements.

Whatever the reason is why Durban doesn’t have enough SEO skills, it’s becoming a challenge.

image seo in 4 easy steps

We now have international companies optimizing for the keyphrase “SEO Durban”. Either that or agencies located elsewhere in South Africa. There are more SEOs listed in the SERPS that are not Durban based than ones that are. So as a digital agency based in Durban that does offer SEO as a service, we’d like to start working on some SEO education – for everybody.

We recently did a comparative SEO analysis between Fluence (this agency) and Control Room, another Durban-based agency that offers SEO. The results were astounding, but the aspect of that analysis that stood out like a sore thumb is the fact that NOT A SINGLE IMAGE ON THEIR WEBSITE IS OPTIMIZED. So our starting point in blogging about SEO will be.. well.. erm.. image optimization.

1. Title

If you have an image on your website of a size 12 purple sneaker, in the Opera and Firefox browsers you would want your image to be titled “size 12 purple sneaker” because the image name pops up when you mouse over it. You would also use an image of a size 12 purple sneaker in a post or page about sneakers, purple sneakers or size 12 sneakers to align the image title with the title of your post or page. It is argued that the image title does not play a real role in the SEO process, but ask yourself this: “What do you normally look for first when you search for an image?”

2. Filename

As important as the image title is in SEO, the name of the image file is just as important. For clarity, the image title is something you set in the HTML code. The image filename your identifier and that is set before you even insert the image into your post or page. Your filename should be a good description of your image and if it consists of multiple words, you should use dashes/hyphens to string those words together. So a JPEG  image named The Fluence Agency would be named “the-fluence-agency.jpg”. Not only should it be descriptive; it should and perhaps MUST be congruent with the used SEO keyphrase.

3. Description

This has been played down by many SEO professionals, but with Content Management Systems like WordPress having a slot available for a description on every image.. one can never overlook the reason for that slot. Descriptions offer the opportunity to describe (hence description) your image in a bit more detail than the title or the filename offers. It also helps visually impaired web users gain a better understanding of your images.

4. ALT tag

An ALT tag is a piece of text added to your image in the HTML code to help search engines know what your image is about. In case you did not know this – SEARCH ENGINES CANNOT READ IMAGES. This is the most important part of your image SEO process. For someone using a text browser or someone who disables images in the browser the ALT tag will tell them whatever they need to know about an image. Every ALT tag should be short and to the point, it MUST contain your SEO keyword and be descriptive without trying to bamboozle search engines.

There you have it. The 4 easy steps to image SEO.

We may just be a little biased in the above 4 steps on image SEO, so perhaps a confession is in order. These steps are what works for the SEO process using WordPress. We do not have any Joomla, Magento or Drupal experience, however we know that this also works for sites that are hard-coded in straightforward PHP and HTML5.

Though the above is written specifically for those that offer SEO in the city of Durban, it will benefit people from anywhere else in the world.

Please feel free to use the comments section below to let us (and our readers) know if there are any aspects of image SEO that we overlooked.