the fluence agency blogSo you obviously know what a blog is – right? It’s the most frequently updated section of any business  website worth its salt.

Blog is both a verb and a noun.

From time to time his right here is where we will educate clients and visitors to our website free of charge. We will teach you little bits and pieces on SEO, blogging, website optimization, copywriting, design, content marketing.. and a few other things as well. All you will need is a willingness to learn. Ready? Let’s go.

Who knows what you can do with all the free education you’ll receive on this blog.

Maybe start a blog of your own.



Durban Digital gets it together

Today is a big day on the Durban Digital calendar. It is the day that the digital industry in the city of Durban started getting it together. Earlier today the head of this agency shot across to the offices of the TBWA agency to attend the inaugural gathering of the... read more

Fluence, October and Breast Cancer

To have Fluence as a digital marketing agency in Durban make a contribution toward creating awareness of breast cancer, we have developed a simple infographic to inform South Africans on the statistics of people affected by this illness.

read more