What is Website Optimization? Yes that’s the title of the post. 

It’s kinda new to us here at Fluence after our founder was introduced to the concept by one Rich Page who wrote the book on the subject sometime in 2013.

And I bet you don’t know exactly what website optimization is – yet. But that’s why we write blog posts. To share information. And today we decided on this particular topic because it’s not only new at The Fluence Agency as a service but it is also a lot nearer and dearer to our collective heart than any other facet of digital marketing. We’ll aim to give you a definition of what we believe website optimization is:

“Website Optimization is the the relentless improving of your website for better user experience and better client conversion”

Because you heard the word optimization, your mind might immediately jump to Search Engine Optimization.. or SEO as most people know it. No this is totally different from SEO. So let’s explore those differences instead of just telling you what website optimization is.

what is website optimization

Doing a bit of a comparative thing will give you a crystal clear idea of what exactly what website optimization is

  • Website optimization can be defined as fine-tuning your website for the achievement of business objectives on-site WHEN or AFTER a visitor arrives at your site, as opposed to the singular objective of SEO to bring visitors to your website only. It’s pointless bringing people there if you can’t give them what they came for when they arrive.
  • Website optimization, like SEO  happens on your website, but unlike SEO the process of website optimization happens 100% on your website. There is no such thing as off-page website optimization.
  • There is no such thing as black hat website optimization. You either know what you’re doing or you don’t. And not knowing what you’re doing but claiming you do can have dire consequences. Maybe not for you but definitely for your website. And your reputation.
  • If you are the one developing the site, then website optimization can often carry no costs as all. And even if you are not a developer and you need help with implementing conversion mechanisms – it will be much cheaper than SEO. There’s no keyword research to be done. No competitive analyses or industry analyses is needed. Just know what it is you want your website to do and get it to do THAT.
  • Website optimization should be in place before you embark on any SEO campaign. If SEO is good at bringing visitors, then you should already know what you want to happen when visitors get to your website and have it ready for when they arrive.
  • The process has a number of overlaps with SEO. Things like URL structure(permalinks), the use of keywords and how you name your pages and posts play a significant role in website optimization as well.

So while we as a marketing agency don’t have our website 100% optimized yet, we have started embracing the discipline of website optimization completely by learning all we can, putting that learning into practice and will start rolling this out as a service to our clients very soon. So if your website is just not getting you the results you are looking for, don’t hesitate to get hold of us.

Here’s a simple test to see how optimised your website is:

  1. Do you have a concise description of your website above the fold on your website?
  2. Are you showing who you already did work for on your website?
  3. Is your website smartphone enabled, i.e responsive?
  4. Does your forms ask ONLY for necessary information?
  5. Is your navigation easy to use?

If you get 3 or more wrong,then you need to get your website optimized.