So you have a blog and you’re not sure how WordPress SEO works.

We do. And we’ll be happy to share the basics with you. But only the basics. Because just like our SEO consultants read, update, educate and refresh their own knowledge on a daily basis.. you ought to do the same. Make sure you stay up to date with new techniques on off-page, on-page, advanced or elementary WordPress SEO. It’ll do you a lot more good than harm if you own a business website or a personal blog.

wordpress seo by the fluence agency

We’re going to do this WordPress SEO thing in steps.

You don’t have to follow any sort of sequence. All you have to make sure of is that you do everything we mention in this post. That should set you well on your way to WordPress SEO prosperity and serious findability in the Google search engine. It is also how The Fluence Agency has been able to rank number one for the key phrase “DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY DURBAN” and other agencies has to pay Google to come close.

Here are those steps:

  1. Make sure your keyword appears in the title of your blog post or your web page.
  2. Place the keyword you are optimizing for at the beginning of the page or post title.
  3. Make sure the keyword you are optimizing for can be found in the first sentence as well as in the last sentence of your body copy.
  4. Your body copy must not be less than 300 words to ensure effective WordPress SEO
  5. Your keyword must not exceed 2% of the total word count in the body copy. Take special notice of this.
  6. Make sure that not all your body copy is in paragraph text. You need your keyword positioned in a sentence with HEADER 1, HEADER 2 and HEADER 3 text (no time to explain)
  7. Make sure that you italicize and bold some of your keywords. WordPress SEO 101
  8. Your meta description must not exceed 156 characters. This is vital for your complete description to appear in the Google SERPs.
  9. When inserting an image into your post or page using WordPress, ensure that the keyword is in the image name, the description and the ALT tag.
  10. Your copy must be imbecile-friendly, i.e a 10 year old must be able to read it (and maybe understand it as well)
  11. Make sure your permalinks are set to “POSTNAME”. This will ensure your keyword in the title automatically becomes your keyword in the page or post URL
  12. Once posted and the page/post is live, you have to create backlinks. The easiest way to create at least 20 links from that one post or page is to have a social sharing bookmark installed and sharing the post across every social network where you have a presence. If you are anything like the people that work at The Fluence Agency you will have a presence on a minimum of 10 networks.
  13. Then after you’ve shared it across the social networks, SHARE IT ON ALL THE SOCIAL BOOKMARKING SITES YOU KNOW.

And that – in a nutshell – is how you can do WordPress SEO effectively.


Now I know some of you will skip straight to the video below. It basically tells you everything that you’ve just read above. If you do that, enjoy the video.

It’s our CEO – Arthur – talking about WordPress SEO.